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Editor's Phil and Teds (Phil&Teds) Classic Review:


The Classic is where it all began for Phil & Teds and is the most basic of their 3 wheel jogging style strollers. You'll find the Classic to be a dependable three wheel stroller great for long adventures through the city or rough, rural terrain. The Classic is a head turner and well recognizable. This stroller model is only available in red. If you're looking for more features and colors, check out the Phil & Teds sport or Dash.


Constructed out of tough, tear resistant and washable nylon, the Phil & Ted's Classic boasts 3 seat positions ranging from upright to completely flat. Seat angle adjustment is non-mechanical and only requires strap adjustment. The simple system helps cut down on weight and potential maintenance. You'll also appreciate the under seat storage, but may be disappointed by its size, especially if you decide to add the Phil & Ted's doubles kit (Extender allowing you to carry two children).more on that later.


You'll be able to use the Phil and Teds Classic from newborn to 5 years of age. You'll want to consider the Phil & Teds travel system to accommodate your newborns car seat. If you have two children or plan on having a second in that timeframe, you'll appreciate the Classic's ability to carry two children, via the patented Phil & Ted's doubles kit. The doubles kit snaps easily into place, giving you double decker efficiency.


We liked that fact that the Classic Stroller folds compact (In half), accommodates up to two children whether it's a toddler and newborn or two toddlers, the Classic can handle it. An adjustable handle bar provides two positions for "Tall & Smalls" as Phil & Ted's refer to it. The inflatable wheels are large and have an aggressive tread, allowing travel over uneven terrain, if needed. Front wheel swivels for extra maneuverability. Even though the wheel base (Distance from front to real wheels) appears long, we had no problems turning the stroller in most narrow stores; it handles like a fine Italian sports car. Duel rear breaks ensure that a parked stroller stays parked, even if cruising the windy hills of San Francisco.


It's important to note that the Phil and Teds Classic doesn't offer suspension, however we found the seats material and air-filled tires did a good job of dampening the ride. Some of our users also found the weight to be a little bit heavy, at 24lbs, which may be due to the steel frame, as opposed to lighter aluminum frames found in other models like the Bugaboo and UPPAbaby.


Carrying capacity is maxed out at 55lbs which is very standard and should accommodate most children up to 5 years of age.


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